Monday, October 15, 2012

Visit Africa Without Leaving the U.S.

The Serengeti Resort
The Heart of Africa in the Hill Country of Texas

As darkness slowly surrendered to the early morning light the silhouette of a tall giraffe came clear behind the tall honey mesquite covering the dew moistened savanna. The dramatic backdrop of stands of trees partially hid the majesty of the long necked beast. Straining and twisting its neck the species known as camelopardalis carefully stepped over the knotted roots of the nearby foliage making sure as not to stumble in the dawn. Not to be forgotten were the herds of gazelles ever so alert for approaching danger as the males darted back and forth in a seemingly frenzied state keeping a watchful eye on the females and their young.
Never have visited the Serengeti before we marveled how so many animals seemed to naturally co-exist in relative peace. This was Africa at its best but not the great dark continent over eight thousand miles across the Atlantic but a small secluded piece of Africa in the hill country of Texas just a short drive north of San Antonio near the small city of Bergheim. This is a piece of wild nature waiting for the adventurer to investigate all from an incredibly lavish resort.
The Serengeti Resort is a one stop destination where daily stress seems to melt away while one sits on the many beautifully designed verandas watching the great variety of exotic creatures interacting with each other. The sounds of animals breaking through the underbrush is almost unnerving but yet comforting knowing you are witnessing sights many people only dream of.  The elands and zebras blend in so well it comes as a pleasant surprise to see these large four legged beasts emerge from the forest of trees across the plains heading to take water from the troughs laid across the land
Visiting the resort means spending time in a very magical place. It is where a person can sit back and take in the beauty of what Africa truly looks like or simply take a walk around the acreage smelling the semi-arid lands where the Serengeti is located.
Spending  time in the Zafara Lodge while sipping a glass of wine from any of the seventy-five different varieties of  grapes from the southern hemisphere or something just as inviting from the large well-stocked bar in the lodge lets the traveler know why they came to this spot in south-west Texas. The lodge is home to everything an exclusive resort would be made of in the deepest reaches of Africa itself. Thick wooden planked exterior and interior walls, heads of game lining the room, comfortable and soft leather chairs and sofas in which to rest, slowly winding fans attached in the ceiling to move the air, and rustic but highly polished tables to enjoy a midday meal or evening faire while looking through expansive floor to ceiling glass walls taking in the wildlife strolling the savanna beyond the lodge.
On the weekends enjoy a wonderful breakfast buffet or order something just as tasty from the more than generous hosts who go out of their way to ensure your visit is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The food is fabulous and more than enough to make the palate satisfied.
Plan to spend an evening or two in the various accommodations available at the Serengeti from large plush bungalows that sleep eight which directly look over the grasslands to the more modest but equally well appointed pool side suites which sleep four. All accommodations are unique in their individual designs and decorations but each gives the visitor a true feeling of having spent the night on safari.
While staying at the resort, ensure there is plenty of time in which to travel among the animals themselves in the nearly one hundred acres where they are fenced. Golf carts are available to rent so the guests can patrol the resort unguided to take in the marvels of the Serengeti and to possibly hand feed the giraffe, the elands, the ostriches, and the other such animals making up the resort’s inhabitants. The favorite is a young camel by the name of ‘Clyde’ who will come when called and faster if he knows there is food held in a hand.
The total experience of the Serengeti Resort is that of relaxation, exhilaration, and the thrill of being in the Heart of Africa but with never leaving the comfort of the United States.

Contact Information:

The Serengeti Resort
Phone – 830.816.3600
Fax -      207.226.5280
Also found on ‘Facebook’


408 Fuller Dr, Bergheim, TX 78004 (the Hill Country)
Prices for resort range from $149 to $495, depending on the outfitter tent, bungalow or suite available.


Open to the Public for wine tasting on Saturdays from 12 – 5 p.m.
 Resort may also be rented for special events.
Resort guests have lodging available 7 days per week/24 hours per day