Saturday, November 12, 2011

Olympia SnoweWoman

This article is just for fun -- it's been a while since J and L has been online -- what with this and that and now the weather, so we thought we'd give you something for the spirit of the season. Built in Bethel, Maine and named for the state's US Senator, it took 115 days to construct and even longer to melt. While most ladies won't talk about about their weight, this lady was over 122 feet tall and weighed 13 million pounds. Check those hips! She knows how to wear her curves.

World's Largest Snowman
Height: 122'1"
Weight 13,000,000 lbs of snow;
5 foot wreaths for eyes; 16 skis for eyelashes;
chicken wires and wood frame built by elementary school children;
5 red auto tires for lips painted by children;
48 ft circumference fleece hat made by middle school students;
30 foot spruce trees for arms