Sunday, February 27, 2011

Purpose of blog

As it should be with blogs the truth is of utmost importance - anyone can post 'things' and not know if they are true or not or in fact, publish untruths to be mean, inappropriate or just plain rude. We, from J & L utilize the truth as the weapon it is meant to be and that is research items, explore them and then report the truth. Our interests are wide as all interests should be - as humans we need to research and explore every aspect of life to ensure what we are stating, experiencing and viewing is as accurate as it can be. Opinions are fine but if they are not backed up with evidence then they are only opinions and should be viewed as weak. Please do not waste a person's time with nonsense - show the evidence and then proceed. We have little patience for fools but with those who want to explore ideas and expound on them with evidence then please progress to the next level. We value intellectual discussions but abhor pompous self-serving people who want nothing more than to hear themselves. Civility is an art that is losing its luster but should be brought back in these times with much polish and shining to illuminate the world.
Research and exploration is what separates the learned from the ignorant - we want to deal with the first and not the latter.
Welcome to J and L Research and Exploration.

Dr. John Beyer