Monday, October 10, 2011

Who is Jonas Peters?

Book Review by Les Chappell

In a recent webinar for Cambium Learning (Back to School with Language!), Laureen changed the student names to protect the innocent (as the cliche goes), and has had more than a few inquiries about the identity of Jonas Peters. Laureen simply identified him as a character in her favorite novel.  Her principal often closes conversations with her by asking her to say hello to Jonas or asking how Jonas is doing.

So who is Jonas Peters? Jonas made a cameo appearance in the webinar in the company of Johnny Depp and Bart Simpson, and had the starring role in Pursued, the novel by John R. Beyer. Any resemblance he has to her husband is completely, well, coincidental. At least, that's the story...

You read.  You decide.

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And notice this: "Discover Pursued by John R. Beyer, one of the most interesting books and ebooks available at" Apparently Jonas is HUGE in India!  Great job Jonas and John!  Keep writing!