Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Add This to Your Summer Reading List....

ISBN: 0-595-42928-9
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A killer without remorse, burning with pride, and having the time of his life, Zachary Marshall is unstoppable—until Detective Jonas Peters unexpectedly arrives in the midst of one of Marshall’s heinous crimes. After a bank robbery goes from bad to worse and leaves three dead including a little girl—Marshall finds himself the target of the most intensive manhunt Riverside, California, has ever witnessed.

Detective Peters becomes frustrated and half-crazed as the case falters due to lack of clues and evidence. Ordered to take a vacation from the department before he drives all the other detectives crazy with his constant tirades, he reluctantly agrees. But an innocent remark to the media changes the entire scenario—now the pursued has become the pursuer.

Detective Peters takes this homicide case especially hard, having seen his own young daughter murdered during a bungled convenience-store robbery years earlier. The pain of the darkness is too deep, and the spirits are waiting to remind him; they will not forgive him, and he cannot forgive himself. There will be no rest until Marshall is caught.

John R. Beyer worked for nearly a decade in law enforcement in Riverside County in Southern California.  Since then, he has completed his doctorate in institutional management and continues to work with psychologists and law enforcement. He is currently finishing editing a project under the working title Samizdat, and this summer will be putting the finishing touches on perhaps his best work, a timely piece entitled Soft Target.  Stay Tuned.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Awaiting the Reunion

On Saturday, June 25, the Second Baker Girl Adult Reunion will take place -- this time in California.  The first Reunion, attended by Janette, Beth, Laureen and their families took place in Norman, Oklahoma in 2007. Norman, home to the Nichols family, tornadoes, and beautiful green woods is considered the best small town in which to live in the entire state of Oklahoma and in the top ten in the country. Norman is also home to the Max Westheimer Field -- a university airstrip, controlled intermittently by the US Navy during WWII and the Korean War.  Oklahoma became part of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase; Janette became a part of our family six years after this author. We hope to keep and grow what has become a family tradition of reunion and exploration.

"We'll always have Bass Pro."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Official Google Blog: Watch the lunar eclipse from anywhere

Official Google Blog: Watch the lunar eclipse from anywhere: "(Cross-posted on the YouTube and Lat Long blogs) We’re always fascinated by the unique wonders of space and the world—what can we say, i..."