Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rep. Mrs. Giffords making an unbelieveable recovery

As I watched the news 08/01/2011 with the debate over raising the United States debt ceiling I had lots to say but will not comment here since this is not a political blog but one of research and exploration which brings me to the next point.

One majestic moment during all the nonsense going on in Washington D.C. the last few weeks was when Rep. Gabby Giffords (D)  took her seat and voted (in favor) of the bill on the floor. I must say that a few tears stained my cheeks as I looked at this marvelous woman standing amidst her peers and mouthed (she can not yet speak) her thanks and other words of encouragement to the others standing in an ovation to her honor. An unbelievable touching moment and if tears weren't there in your eyes then you need to see a head shrinker. Mrs. Giffords is one brave and proud American!

Imagine being shot in the head (I was shot in the head years ago while visiting Alicante, Spain but the bullet only cruised around my hard skull a moment or two leaving me no dumber than I was prior to the incident) as Mrs. Giffords was and the idea of her living let alone six months later she would return to vote on something she believed so strongly in could almost make science fiction. The medical field has emerged so greatly and so quickly it boggles the human mind - of course, this human mind as been rattled by a piece of lead  - that it is amazing.

Sadly, what saved Mrs. Giffords' life was from the current wars America is involved in with brain injuries from the heroes serving on the front lines. We have learned so much about pressures on the human head/brain from the trauma these soldiers have suffered fighting for our freedom that doctors were able to take that knowledge and save the congresswoman's life. Due to these sacrifices from our soldiers and those countries assisting the United States one must realize medicine, out of necessity, is progressing faster than one can imagine. It's as though the world is racing toward the time zone of Star Trek.

 God bless Mrs. Giffords and the injured and deceased soldiers who gave her a chance for a full life and God bless the doctor's working unknown hours figuring out how to save lives daily. They are all hero's to respect and love.


  1. Nicely said -- Gabby, Star Trek, and the American Volunteer Soldier -- everyone needs someone to look up to! She is amazing and a sterling example -- unbelievable work of her doctors and support of Mark Kelly too.

  2. God Bless us everyone. For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalms 91:11
    ROCK ON Mrs. Giffords may you continue to improve Arizona needs you.