Monday, April 22, 2013

The Talk of San Diego

The Director and the Directed
in their element

J and L were invited recently by our pal the Law Dog, Tino Luciano to show up at the Wooden Nickel Ranch in Menifee, CA for a television interview conducted by The Talk of San Diego, a local media production team headed by Johnny Nevada and his bevy of beautiful female co-hosts. On this fine Sunday afternoon, the host was Andrea Bensussen who was friendly, professional, and ready to ask questions of both J and L after she got through her interview with Tino Luciano. Yes, we responded to Tino's request for us to be at the Wooden Nickel Ranch to help launch his new movie (which starts filming soon) entitled, The Reckoning of Scarlet Waters. Tino had been contacted by The Talk of San Diego who wanted to film the interview in an 'authentic' appearing period western town and the Wooden Nickel Ranch fit the bill. The ranch is a delight for those who enjoy the romance of the old west and besides being a setting for films, commercials and other media events the owners provide breathtaking backgrounds for weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays, and much more including summer horse camp.

So, Laureen and John showed up in period dress, 1880's western for an afternoon of walking about the small but pretty authentic looking western town which is tucked away on the twenty-five acre ranch.

To our delight we were included in the interviews and discussed what a fine director/producer Mr. Luciano is besides the fact that he is just plain fun to work for on his sets (John also shamelessly got a plug in for his novel Hunted  due out May 18th). One of the great moments of the day was when John was directed to come out of the town's saloon with his .45 raised in the air and was stopped by the distinctive voice of Tino yelling: "Cut." At that moment the Director stepped up and joined John on the wooden sidewalk in front of the saloon and advised the Talk of San Diego's audience what was time period and what was not time period in John's attire. Tino is amazing as he approved everything but the cowboy boots with pointed toes and the holster which was a Buscadero rig dating from the 1920's instead of the 1880's. Overall, John received a 93% approval from a very picky but accurate director, which the teacher in the team approved.

Again, a great day of exploration of a new place, the Wooden Nickel Ranch, and time spent with friends.

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