Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our Dobie

There are not many certainties in life but one J and L could count on when returning home after an adventure or just a day at work was seeing our faithful Doberman standing by the rear chain link fence waiting for us. Dobie, a surprising name for a Doberman, would be standing in the yard rain or shine as though she had an uncanny sense when her masters would return. The other canine family members were often relaxing inside the house or exploring the acreage with possibly a care we may have returned or not (much like human teenage children). They didn't really seem to be too worried about departures or arrivals but our Dobie did.

The Regal Beauty of our Dobie
 Standing nearly three feet tall and weighing in at eighty pounds Dobie made an imposing figure and we knew no one would ever be tempted to clamber into the yard in our absence. With that famous guttural and loud Doberman bark there was no fear of ever finding an uninvited guest surprising either J or L.
The Good mother

She came into our lives, a rescue as are they all, and we hoped she would protect our daughters whenever we were away. She was a lover though, not a fighter. She became the beloved of daughters and visitors and never was there a more loving and loyal dog. Oh, all our rescues have made a great impact in all their special ways, but Dobie was the mommy dog to all those who came into our lives after. 

But God help the strangers who ventured past our acreage. Indeed, she was a great watchdog but truth be known she was also one of the most timid creatures to ever have graced our abode.

Large enough to take down a bull but so timid that carpets had to be placed on the tile walkways within the house since Dobie was scared, yes scared, to walk across anything but carpet, grass and dirt. Don't even think of bringing that 'ferocious killer' near any water where Dobie would stand as still as statue, a very heavy statue, and not move. Cajoling, tugging or even threatening would do no good. She would plop on her bottom and sit there with no intention of moving.

Dobie and our German Daughter, Jana
Dobie did not like water and she was not going near it. On some adventures, when J and L would take their pack of dogs, a mile or more may have to be added to a hike to avoid a small pond or river. Frustrating, yes but that was our Dobie.

Four things Dobie loved the most were: digging in the yard where craters four feet deep could be found which could cause a broken leg if not watched out for, eating biscuits - she had a big appetite, sleeping - whenever possible, and loving her family - both human and canine.

A Merry Christmas with Dobies's brother, sister and cousins
Our steadfast family guardian Dobie passed away in the wee hours of February 19th at the age of eleven while she slept. J found her when he awoke on her favorite plushy doggie bed at the foot of our bed.

We don't know what caused her death but it was her time and she went peacefully surrounded by those who loved her so much.

Cuddle Princess

Somehow J knows he will still see her standing guard while waiting her for loving 'parents' to come home and what more could a mere mortal wish for?

Will Rogers once wrote. "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

Amen to that.

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  1. This just makes me cry. Dobie seems like a big part of your family. She will be missed by a great family.