Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is that day of the year we Americans give thanks and remember what a wonderful and special county we live in. That day hundreds of years ago which brought us freedom from the heavy-handiness of the British (we're best of friends now) by those founding fathers/mothers who risked their lives, often losing them, in gaining the freedom that we live with every day. It was those days which changed the make-up of the world.

 Being educators J and L tend to spend quite a bit of time out of the area on the Fourth of July. We've missed countless fireworks shows, bbq's and time with the family but years ago we decided to travel as much as possible - it's a big earth out there - and with that means traveling during the months we have off. We wanted to share those adventures with our readers and thus why we hit the road so hard during the summer months.

But no matter where we are in country or out we always have a special day together recalling what makes America great. We smile and remember family and friends and the good times we have during the year and talk about the sacrifices so many made to ensure that America would survive and survive they way it was intended. We generally end these discussions with why we are so glad to come 'home' to the United States when we've been gone for any length of time.

And believe us when we say we love to explore new places but as the old adage states: there's no place like home.

Dorothy had it right.
Simple things like electricity, running water, decent drivers, going to the bathroom without a flash light in case a deadly viper wants to take a bite, etc. makes it so rewarding when we step up the customs window at LAX, JFK, Miami, or other international entries. When the U.S. Custom's Officer asks if we have anything to declare the reply is simple and routine.

"I declare it's good to be back."

America - you gotta love it!

We're traveling again but to all our family and friends - Have a celebration of a day and don't forget that we live in the greatest land there has ever been.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

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