Saturday, May 28, 2016

America's Game

Alicia, Justin, and Jessica
There are few things as quintessentially American as baseball. You know the saying, "As American as baseball and apple pie." Well, as spring winds to a close, and the weather warms as summer approaches, you can begin to smell the fragrant green grass, popcorn, hot dogs and barbecue, oh, and yeah, you can even smell the beer.
Warming up

Catcher and Author
Not a huge fan of watching sports (we'd rather be active ourselves), we still find ourselves being drawn into the game every season. From book signings, ceremonial first pitches, western acting, to watching our daughter and son-in-law sing the national anthem, we have been taken out to the ball game. Oh, yes, there was also a minor league game or two thrown into this glorious summer mix. And these minor league players have heart -- they don't make the big bucks of the major league -- so they play with heart and soul, for the love of the game, and their loyal fans.
Love is in the air
It wouldn't be American without Cowboys

So get off your couch this summer and get out there with friends and family. Watch the game, play the game, just get in the game!

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