Sunday, October 30, 2016


Robert Brickman and John - time to be with friends at Oktoberfest
Every Fall, many cities around the world celebrate a phenomenon  called Oktoberfest. This is when people get together with friends, family and strangers tipping steins full of ale, eating German food, and singing both familiar and unfamiliar songs with gusto. 

So, what's the history of this world-wide phenomenon?

It started back in 1810 in Munich with the wedding of King Ludwig and Princess Therese. Unlike a lot of royalty these two decided that the 'common' people should enjoy such a wonderful event as their wedding. They invited the citizens of Munich to witness the exchanging of vows and it turned into a 12 day celebration when the city turned out in droves.

Honey - what did we start?
Fun was enjoyed by all. Thus - Oktoberfest was born.

Well, J and L can't go back in time to visit King Ludwig but we can head to Big Bear Lake in Southern California to visit friends and enjoy the excitement of Oktoberfest.

Brats, sauerkraut, German potato salad, dumplings and beer in steins (not saying J and L had beer but saw many people enjoying gallons).  The guests seemed to be in the perfect spirit of Oktoberfest - singing, drinking, eating and enjoying themselves. Of course there are silly contests like holding beer steins weighing five pounds to see who is the strongest person. We really liked these!

Look at these studs - no sweat only strength

Strength and beauty - tough competition.
J and L met up with a great friend Bob and his wonderful family on a previous Saturday to spend a few hours at the 46th annual Oktoberfest in Big Bear - Southern California.

The event which counts in the thousands of enthusiasts every weekend during the celebration which runs from September 10th to October 29th was colorful, loud, and nothing but fun.

It was fun - that's it - fun with friends and strangers laughing, singing, eating, dancing, and just being around people.

Vicki and Laureen enjoying the dancing 

The youngsters enjoying the music and the dancing
Not much to report except that we all had fun - Oktoberfest is just that - go out during the end of September and the month of October with friends to enjoy good times. Eat - drink and laugh - that's all.

That's all J and L did with Bob - along with his spouse Vicki and son Jeremy - nothing but fun in mind.

The crew at Oktoberfest
As researchers we at J and L think it's important to look into local events and see if they are what you may want to experience. If not then don't go. If so - then by all means go.

If good friends are in the equation then you must go and enjoy yourselves. We researched Oktoberfest and liked what we learned but the idea of spending the afternoon with fabulous friends was all we needed to ensure we'd be there. 

This is what happens when friends get together - fun!!!

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