Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Wishes

It's almost that time again - where families and friends sit around a crispy golden bird and tell each other all the things they are thankful for.

Every year it arrives with lots of food, drink and company. Some company desired and some not so desired.

Guess who is around by the time the Godfather sequels run their course?
It's Thanksgiving - a holiday many people love and hate at the same time. Some tables are full of people who are thankful they are alive - for the time being.

Okay - who is really happy to be sitting with Chevy so close with a knife?
And there are those around the table who wish they didn't have to be there. Smiling faces, inane conversations and dumb expressions - ah, what dinner parties are made of.

Johnny Carson may have got it right after all.

Of course there are many things to be thankful for in our daily lives - like good health, good fortune, and not having to see certain people again for another year. 

Thanksgiving started as a harvest festival to celebrate the bounties of food stuffs that would maintain the settlers through the cold winter months. 
Of course, the Native Americans helped a lot!
President George Washington proclaimed it should be observed yearly in 1789. It wasn't every year the giving thanks day was celebrated - no, that didn't occur until 1863 when President Lincoln declared it a federal holiday. 

At J and L we do appreciate our family and friends but realize that is not always the case for others in our society.

Perhaps Thanksgiving should be looked at as a time when friends and family visit - put away past troubles and look to the future. A momentary respite from a hectic year when we all look into our fellow humans eyes and say we are thankful they are with us. Life is often too short so this year, as every year we should make an effort to be thankful for all we have.

Is it too difficult to say thanks to those around us, really?

So what if the turkey is a bit over done....  

Don't wake him - he's boring

...or the mashed potatoes are not smooth as butter or even if the dinner table looks like this.

Don't worry - you can always hope for and be thankful for  . . .

May this blog of Thanksgiving bring you a smile and a laugh.  We truly and joyfully wish everyone a wonderful and happy

Let's do it again next year - uh, maybe not.

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