Sunday, June 18, 2017

Our Friend - Robert Brickman

Bob and John at Oktoberfest - 2016
Life is a wonderful experience, and one we are hopeful will extend into the after-life, regardless of religion, or other belief to which one subscribes.

The idea that life ends at death is not something one wants to think about.

But recently J and L received the news that a very close friend of ours - more like a brother than a friend had passed from this realm.

Vicki and Bob - blissful
J had known Robert Brickman, 'Bob' for over thirty years. Bob had come to the United States from Germany as a kid, worked hard and became a citizen. His German was flawless but his English better. He loved these lands we call 'our country'.  In all the decades Bob lived here, there was nothing but praise for the country Bob proudly called his home. Sure, J would tease Bob about this or that but it always came back to the fact both men were true patriots - they loved America.

Bob loved America and a good meal
After a courageous battle with multiple cancers, Bob left this earth. That hideous monster cancer had taken a man who could snow ski better than J knew how, could navigate his 26 foot ski boat like a man born to water, and always have a sparkle in his eye when things got rough. It wasn't fair that he was taken so soon.
Captain Bob at the helm
It wasn't fair to his young son, Jeremy or his loving wife Vicki who stood by him day and night as Bob endured every treatment that was 'to cure' him. It broke our hearts when Vicki called us to break the news. But life isn't fair - it is just life and with that burden fair has no place. It's just life.

Bob loved large parties at the river house
 Yes, this isn't the typical blog that J and L put out but there is a point.

J traveled with Bob for over three decades. Their adventures covered states, countries, adventures, misadventures, and just being great and loyal friends.

John giving Bob directions which were ignored as always
As friends, when there was a need, no matter who needed what, they were there for each other.

J loved Bob and Bob loved J as brothers.

So, this is a very short blog honoring one of the most special people both J and L have had the pleasure to know and love.

Bob's greatest joy - his son Jeremy
Head skyward our friend - we love you and will always miss you until we meet again.

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