Friday, December 28, 2012

A New Year of Adventure!

Snow-shoe Bunny?
This is insane! Another year has sped by and a new one is waiting for us to encounter and enjoy. Say goodbye to 2012 and embrace 2013 since it is here and waiting. We, at J & L don't usually agree with new year resolutions since it seems the majority fail to make it two months into the new year, ninety percent if the research is to be believed, but simply think we should try and do the best we can.

What a view!
So as this new year is upon us just take a moment to take in the view of the world before you and take a step forward to meet it with a smile.

Heading Out!

Santa brought the partners of J & L snowshoes on Christmas Day and since neither of us have ever used such snow walking devices we were anxious to try out these new treats.


The trail taken the first day was a 4 mile trek through the San Bernardino Mountains, in the National Forest just south of the small town of Sugarloaf where the partners own a weekend home. The snowfall was not especially deep, a few inches, but gave a good work out in the 18 degree morning and good exposure to wearing snow shoes.

Boldly going where we've never gone before!
This is what a new year is about. To try things you have not before. To experience what you have not experienced before. This is the dividing line between adventurers and coach potatoes. And remember to smile in the sunlight.

Rabbit Tracks in the Snow
There are always new things to find on the pathways of life. Little footprints can lead to new beginnings and isn't that what a new year is about?

Gimme Shelter!

Some may have bigger homes than others but if yours is tiny and warm then don't complain. A house isn't a home and a home isn't a house if love is not there.

Great Exercise!
If you want to make a promise you will exercise everyday then go ahead and do it but don't knock yourself out if you don't. When time arises go out for a walk, smile, laugh, and be with loved ones. This exercise will get you a lot more mileage then giving up on a treadmill with a curse and a frown.

Taking it all in
Again, take in the beauty of the earth and all that you have. That alone will make any new year facing you that much easier to deal with. Open your eyes - look about you- and count your blessings.

Looking over my shoulder
We can not change the past but only the future. Mistakes are over our shoulders but when we look forward with common sense, love, and understanding then that future is ours to make. Have a positive tomorrow or dwell in the past - that is our choice. As always, we at J& L hope you will all make the most of the each day and leave behind that which did not work. Being explorers and researchers we must learn from our pasts - let that be the lesson learned in this new year.

From all of us at J & L we wish all of our friends the greatest New Year you have ever had. We believe that and we know you can too.

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