Friday, December 14, 2012

"Our Hearts Are Broken"

As the children around the world prepare for Santa's arrival, something wicked arrived in Connecticut. Whatever turns up in the law enforcement investigation, whatever the ultimate reasons beyond what have already surfaced, the results cannot be argued:  the lives of so many families have been tragically and unalterably changed. These families, these children, these teachers, these policemen and other responders will not be able to experience the holiday joy the rest of us feel. Not this year. Perhaps not ever again.

We at J and L avoid the political. There will be no comment about guns, gun control or anything else, but having just written about teaching, it seems timely to mention that we consider education a calling, rather than a job. We know that we are in our positions which call for us not only to educate but to serve in parentis absentia or in loco parentis -- that is, we are charged with keeping our students safe as if we were their parents. But none of us, teachers, parents, or leaders, are prepared for this.

Our hats are off to President Obama who came out shortly after this horrible and tragic incident and spoke to our nation as one from his soul. He was not a politician but simply the leader of the strongest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen and he cried. He was a father, a husband, and one who felt the pain those poor parents will feel during this Christmas season. The gifts purchased that will never be opened by children who are no longer with us. This was a very tough day for America but as always we as a nation we will move on because as history has proven we come together at times like this. Of course that moving on means with large holes in our hearts for the little ones murdered without cause and questions which will never be answered why someone would do this. Perhaps there is no answer.

Count each day precious. Hold your children close. Give them an extra hug tonight. 

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